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We’re about...

Following our Passions

Life’s too short not to do what you love.

In the Self Employment Cafe we're not just about starting solo businesses, we're expressing our passions in the world, helping those we feel drawn to serve and moving beyond our fears to free our thinking and bring to life our Visions.

A Worthly Adventure

We all love tricks, hacks and shortcuts that make life simpler, but when it comes to tapping into our own wisdom and shaping our ideas, it's worth investing our precious time and energy so we lay firm foundations for the life we’re creating.

In this way, we make sure we have all we need for this enriching and fulfilling Adventure.

Our personal learning and business development go hand in hand.

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More Heart, More Joy!

Even if you've been in business some time, there may be areas of potential you've yet to develop, more authenticity to share and fears to navigate.

Although there are actions to take, this is a spiritual process of accepting ourselves in all our magnificence and fully stepping into our uniqueness and creative power.

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